How is working as a Handler at Sniff Dog Hotel?

Sniff Dog Hotel: Is it a small, upscale dog hotel that can be found in the North West Portland neighbourhood? They provide hotel-style boarding, daycare, training, and grooming services. A dog-friendly boutique hotel in Portland, Oregon, offering boarding, daycare, grooming, and retail space. Puppies receive their education from a group of seasoned trainers who employ methods based on positive reinforcement. Our trainers work on appropriate play behaviour with large and small puppies, bite inhibition, potty training, leash manners, impulse control, crate training, separation confidence, and other fundamental skills. Here we will discuss Sniff Dog Hotel.

Exercises in sniffing:

Our trainers here at Sniff are always up to date on the most recent developments in the field of training based on positive reinforcement. To develop a healthier relationship between you and your canine companion, we employ efficient and science-based methods that do not involve physical force. The Sniff training covers everything from minor slip-ups to more significant problems.

The Middle School Years:

Sniff Dog Hotel for Our Middle School program is geared toward canines between 5 and 12 months. We will continue to address appropriate play behaviour, impulse control, and fundamental skills, with a particular emphasis on the terrible teen years, during which puppies begin to test the limits of acceptable behaviour and may, at times, appear to forget everything they have been instructed to know.

Preschool or Kindergarten:

Sniff Nursery School is a secure and secluded environment that caters to puppies between the ages of 8 and 20 weeks. They will be instructed by a group of knowledgeable trainers who will use methods based on positive reinforcement. We will cover topics such as appropriate play behaviour with large and small puppies, crate training, separation confidence, and basic skills.

Social skills:

A well-adjusted puppy will have developed social skills to a significant degree. Throughout the day, our trainer will work with your canine companion to facilitate successful and positive interactions with other dogs, either one-on-one or in small groups, with the ultimate goal of integrating them into daycare playgroups when they are mature enough to do so.

Private lessons:

Our instructors will work with you and your dog together to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to continue the training on your own. These in-homemade sessions can take place at your residence if you so choose. Lessons given in the comfort of our own homes allow us to discuss topics that may only come up there.

Trail Hike:

This excursion is fantastic for canines that adore being outside in nature. Our trainer will accompany you and your canine companion on a predetermined walk through Forest’s extra-long Waterhouse Park (Beaverton) while using an extra-long leash to give your dog the freedom to investigate new areas. We will work on paying attention and remembering information.

Analyze by sniffing:

At 16, she rescued a dog named Chloe, who had begun to alert her to a medical condition naturally. She then trained Chloe to work at a Service Sniff Dog Hotel. She learned that she loves dogs and can improve the connection between humans and dogs by training her dog. During her time there, she had the opportunity to learn from various skilled trainers.

Hotel for business purposes:

The Sniff Dog Hotel provides its guests with a wide range of cutting-edge services and amenities, some of which includes self-service dog wash. In addition, relax with your pets in the privacy of their room or suite, available in both regular and deluxe varieties, or play in an indoor play area that is meticulously maintained and smells delightfully of the latest cleaning products.

Dogs games:

I am grateful that you asked this question. We are no longer providing our traditional happy hour, but if you stay tuned, we are planning to host some fun events this summer during which you will still be able to drink beer or wine and hang out with your pets.

Grooming of Dogs:

Grooming services necessitate up-to-date vaccination records as a prerequisite.  In preparation for times when everything must be completed. Our “full groom” for Sniff includes a trim, bath, blowout, brush-out, style, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and dental gel.


Make a hotel request. Make an appointment for your pet to get groomed, bathed, or trained. Put your signature on the papers. Update your pup’s vaccines. Therefore facilitating a quick and easy check-in for yourself. They will get back to you regarding your request within forty-eight hours.


Respond to your request within 48 hrs. Guests who make reservations but don’t show up will be charged the total price of the reservation. If you miss two appointments without providing any notice, any upcoming daycare reservations you have could be cancelled. Every standing reservation must include a daycare package to be accepted.

Fashion for doting:

had its grand opening in May at the intersection of Northwest Raleigh Street and 19th Avenue. who cared for the dogs during the majority of their two-week stay in the boarding facility a month ago.

Official opening of Sniff:

Guests are greeted in the lobby of the Sniff Dog Hotel, which is decorated to look like the lobby of a human hotel—that is if there weren’t a gift shop stocked with dog treats and toys. The company provides additional services in addition to boarding, including doggy daycare, professional grooming, self-service dog washing, and training classes. A couple of well-liked stools are lined against the glass surrounding the dog play area.


At 16, she rescued a dog named Chloe, who began naturally alerting her to a medical condition and went on to train her as a Service Dog. She discovered her love and ability to improve the human-dog connection through training her. As a 2020 graduate of the Whole Dog Academy, she had the opportunity to learn from various talented trainers and acquired her CPDT-KA certification.


Do I bring my dog food?

Yes. Sniff only serves sweets. We can cook or defrost customized requests. Occasionally, a $5 daily fee applies.

What days is Sniff Dog Hotel open?

On Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, guests can check in at Sniff Dog Hotel.

How is Sniff Dog Hotel rated?

Sniff Dog Hotel has 4.0 stars from 134 reviews.

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