Best Creepy abandoned places for 2023!

Creepy abandoned places that have been abandoned and allowed to fall into disrepair, which causes them to appear eerie. The Earth is full of spooky and desolate locations just waiting to be explored. Exploration  If you are the type of person who derives pleasure from breaking the silence that prevails throughout an ancient and abandoned structure, then you should pay a visit to the spots listed here that are rumoured to be haunted. Following are creepy abandoned places.

Best creepy abandoned places:

Following are creepy abandoned places.

California’s Bodie:

With the discovery of gold in the 1870s and 1880s in the hills surrounding Mono Lake, Bodie’s population, which had previously reached as high as 10,000, skyrocketed. It’s hardly surprising that there are many reports of ghost sightings and other paranormal phenomena, such as the eerie tinkling of pianos in deserted bars in this area. Urban legend says that if visitors to Bodie take anything, even a rock when they depart, they will be cursed with bad luck and illness.

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia:

Because this cemetery is an exact match to the one described in the book, those who are old enough to remember the decade of the 1990s may be able to identify it as the same cemetery. The Savannah cemetery exudes a Southern Gothic atmosphere, similar to the book; old Victorian monuments are covered in Spanish moss, and live oak trees surround the cemetery. It gives the cemetery a Southern Gothic feel.

Located in the heart of Alabama’s Cahawba:

Once the state capital of Alabama, Mobile is now a famous ghost town recognized only by its name, the name of the state’s longest river. It was named for the confluence of the Cahaba and Alabama rivers, where the town can be found. During being abandoned after the Civil War, the area has become a famous destination for ghost tours and tales of the paranormal because of its many haunted cemeteries, abandoned buildings, and slave burial places. A light orb appeared in the former residence’s garden maze.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas:

Built-in 1886, the Crescent Hotel has seen many transformations since its inception, serving as everything from a posh resort to a junior college and even a women’s conservatory. In 1937, when Norman G. Baker bought it, it underwent the most remarkable transformation in its history. He was eventually outed as a liar and banished from the town, but legend has it that his ghost returned at some point and made friends with the supernatural.


A fire wiped out the theatre, and its foundations were used to build the Planters Inn. The building was converted into a theatre in the 1930s. Legend has it that Nettie Dickerson, a hotel guest standing on the balcony when a bolt of lightning killed her, is the town’s most colourful apparition. People on the second level of the theatre have seen her shadow, dressed in a scarlet gown, gliding gracefully down the stairs.

Austin, Texas’s the Driskill;

The Driskill Hotel, with its famous brick façade and modern guest suites, has been a favourite of European tourists and wedding parties since it opened in 1886. Some locals believe this famous Austin landmark is also the site of paranormal activity. Visitors to the ornate hallways of the Jesse Driskill Hotel have reported hearing unexplainable noises and seeing ghostly apparitions of the hotel’s namesake. A portrait of the hotel’s namesake is still hanging in the main lobby. We can see why they might think that Driskill never got over the loss of his hotel in a high-stakes poker game.

State Prison in the Eastern United States:

Fortress-like Eastern State Penitentiary in Massachusetts opened in 1829, and its use of solitary confinement quickly became the industry standard. Inmates worked out alone, ate alone, and slept alone, and any time one of them left his cell, the guard would hood him so that he couldn’t see or be seen by his fellow inmates. The jail was so crowded that its solitary confinement system had to be eliminated between 1913 and 1970 when it finally closed its doors.

Stowe, Vermont’s Emily’s Bridge:

New England is famous across the country for its picturesque covered bridges, but some are more likely to cause panic than delight. In Stowe, a bridge called Emily’s Bridge is rumoured to be where a young woman committed suicide in the middle of the 1800s; the bridge is fifty feet long. The woman planned to elope with her lover across the bridge, but when he failed to appear, she took her own life by hanging herself from the ceiling.

Honolulu’s airport:

Even the bravest travellers will be shaken to their core by the resident ghost of Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. This extra feature should be enough to make you afraid of airports, even if flight delays and expensive food aren’t. The legend claims that her soul is still waiting for him to return today.

Hartford, Connecticut’s Mark Twain House:

Hartford, Connecticut’s Mark Twain House is a National Historic Landmark and a focal point of the American literary canon. Both The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer were written during this time. The famous author’s former home is now a museum dedicated to their lives and works. Tourists have reported hearing unexplainable noises and seeing a woman in white at this location, making it a prime spot for paranormal sightings. Mark Twain smoked smoke in the billiard room, making it haunted.

Masonic Lodge in Michigan’s capital city of Detroit:

Thanks to its Gothic facade, over a thousand chambers, and sixteen stories, the Masonic Temple in Detroit stands out among its other notable landmarks. Also, legend has it that secret passages and stairwells are hidden beneath the surface. Several urban legends centre on the Temple, with the most popular having to do with the building’s designer, George D. Mason. After supposedly funding the construction of the Temple until he ran out of money, Mason jumped to death from its roof.

Concussion, creepy abandoned places:

According to the conclusion of creepy abandoned places, Ancient civilizations’ remnants can be found all over the world, from the devastation of Pompeii to the artefacts of Mesopotamia and the long-lost temples of Southeast Asia. The United States is a young child on the world stage. Nonetheless, this tiny thing can boom and bust with the best of them. Many American towns, now considered ghost towns, were thriving communities at the turn of the 20th century.


We’re looking for a sterile environment; where on Earth would you look?

Hashima Island, formerly the most inhabited in the world, is now utterly devoid of human life. People started paying attention to the area around Nagasaki after scientists uncovered a large coal resource beneath the island.

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There is a widespread belief that the Indian town of Dhanushkodi has been deserted. This area has been uninhabitable since the Rameswaram storm of 1964, when it was destroyed.

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