Everything you need to know about protein farts

protein farts

Protein farts are defined as excessive or pungent flatulence that a person may experience when consuming a diet high in protein. Although many believe protein is to blame for flatulence, no evidence supports this. An increase in flatulence may not be caused by proteins but rather by non-protein components, including sugars, carbohydrates, and fibre. Certain … Read more

 Does remdesivir cause kidney failure?

Does remdesivir cause kidney failure

Does remdesivir cause kidney failure? Remdesivir, also known by its brand name Veklury, is an antiviral medicine that cures various viral infections, one of which is COVID-19. However, the data could be more precise about its impact on the health of the kidneys. While there is consensus amongst certain medical professionals that remdesivir is typically … Read more